Why I Paid Someone To Do My Essay For Me

Plagiarism is highly frowned upon, but I have to admit, I did once pay someone to do my essay while I was at college. It wasn't out of laziness, and I certainly didn't just email over the brief, say "do my essay" and then forget about it. There is no way that I would hand in an essay written by someone else. Even if it was well done, the risk of my professor recognizing that it wasn't all my own work was just too great.

The reason I had someone write do my essaydoc was for inspiration and a fresh perspective. I had been stuck in a rut, working two jobs and going to class, and I'd gotten to the stage where my mind just wasn't working creatively. I couldn't see a way to answer the assignment that wouldn't be didactic and derivative, and I wanted some new ideas.

The person who wrote my essay did a great job. The task was an interpretation of The Poison Tree, or Christian Forebearance. The writer picked a great angle - coming up with some valid and well supported points that I don't recall anyone in the class where we discussed the poem making.

I didn't steal all of their interpretations, because that wouldn't be ethical, but it was nice to have a fresh view of things to base my own writing on, and I found that once I started adding my own thoughts I ended up writing a great essay in a third of the time it would have taken to write one starting from a blank piece of paper. For that alone, I'm really glad that I decided to try out an essay writing service. I would definitely consider using one again if I ever got writer's block.

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